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REDD Technology Inc

Our mission is to be a leader in developing inquiry-based laboratory exercises for scientific and technical disciplines across middle, secondary and higher education STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) disciplines.

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Meet the Team


Katherine has close to 30 years- experience teaching a broad range of topics with both undergraduate and graduate students. Trained as a Microbial Ecologist (Ph.D. UDe; Post-doctoral Fellowship UVa). She has served on the Editorial
Boards of several journals including Applied and Environmental Microbiology (ASM).,

Katherine Baker Ph.D.
Vice President-Curriculum Director, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Dan is a graduate of the School of Medicine at West Virginia University with a doctorate in Anatomy. He has over twenty
years of teaching and research experience in both graduate and undergraduate education.

Daniel Borsch
President & Founder

Mark earned his Ph.D. from the Medical College of Georgia in Physiology, and has over thirty years of instructional experience. Mark is a consultant with multiple national testing and test preparation organizations, serves on editorial boards, and has held elected positions at the NY Academy of Sciences; Int. Assoc. of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE); and the Am. Assoc. of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM), in which he holds Fellow status in the National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators (NAOME).

Mark Andrews
Science Director & Partner

Randy is an AMA certified Medical Animator with thirty years’ experience in his field. Randy has sold scientific animations to Pivot Medical, Cardiac Assist, Slippery Rock University (SRU), and the Department of Neurosurgery at West Virginia University. Randy’s work has been featured on ESPN, TV shows The Doctors, Oprah, ABC Dateline; and Fox News. The director will oversee production of all computer graphics, animations and video design needed by the
development teams.

Randy McKenzie
BFA, MS Science Technology
Animation Director & Partner

Dave is an electrical engineer with 30 years of project management experience. He also has an extensive sales and marketing background. Dave’s role with Redd Technology will be as Operations Manager, coordinating all the needs of the development teams, consultants and assisting Drs. Baker and Borsch with the day-to-day operations of the company.
Dave also has extensive experience as a professional recruiter for upper level management positions in industry and establishing call/support centers.

David Semak
BS. Electrical
Operations Director & Partner

Mike received his B.S and M.S degrees from Lehigh University and his Doctorate from Cornell University. He completed his post-doctoral training at Yale, before joining Hershey Medical School and achieving the rank for full- professor. Mike’s role with Redd Technology will be an ad hoc advisor to the curriculum development teams. Mike will develop content for curricula in Cancer Biology and Molecular Genetic.

Michael Chorney
Ph. D.
Operations Director & Partner

Alyssa is a graduate of both the Digital Animation & Visual Effects (DAVE) School and Duquesne University, where she earned a B.S. in Visual Effects Production and a B.A. in Digital Media Arts (Multimedia) with a minor in Music (Trumpet Performance), respectively. She has worked professionally as a Digital Content Creator, 3D Artist, Graphic Designer, and Video Editor. Alyssa has always been passionate about all aspects of the arts. Her role with REDD Technology will include creating photorealistic 3D assets and environments.

Alyssa Lloyd
3D Generalist
3D Generalist &
Associate Partner

Adel was born in Mexico City and has lived in the U.S since 1999. He fell in love with the 3D world and has not stopped exploring the arts ever since. Adel studied Visual Effects Production at the Digital Animation & Visual Effect School (DAVE) in Orlando, Florida, where he earned his diploma in Visual Effects Production. His role with REDD Technology will include creating 3D realistic renderings for laboratory modules.

Adel Torres-Lopez
3D Generalist
3D Generalist &
Associate Partner

Ren is an interactive media specialist who has taken creative technology coursework at Carnegie Mellon University. He has experience with all aspects of video game development, 3D modeling and animation, stylized shader coding, and web design. He is passionate about making engaging interactive educational software.

Ren Simms
Video Game Developer
Interactive Media Specialist & Associate Partner
Math Exercises

It is well accepted that laboratory experiences encourage students to apply basic conceptual knowledge, challenge scientific dogma, and develop a full understanding of scientific processes. Students in the U.S. have shown a significant decline in their mastery of traditional Science and Engineering disciplines in recent years. 

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Unlike other STREAM programs in the market, our products will encompass a comprehensive curriculum of updatable experiences, both virtual and hands-on, that explore scientific concepts at both the macro and micro (cellular and molecular) levels. Redd Technology will create a complementary database, along with its software, that will allow users virtual access to previously unobtainable resources. It will also provide teachers the opportunity to customize their curricula and individualize student learning and assessment according to the level of difficulty, educational level, subject, and type of digital material.

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REDD Technology Inc. has chosen to focus the initial development of its business in Western Pennsylvania, a world-recognized center for technology and innovation. The majority of our original affiliation agreements will be with school districts and institutions of higher learning in the Pittsburgh region.

Pittsburgh ranks among the top cities in the United States for green-certified building space and is named a top “NextTech” city. the Pittsburgh tech sector generated $22B in the last decade according to some reportsMore than $687M was invested in Pittsburgh tech companies in 2017 alone.

Several innovative and influential technology companies house headquarters in Pittsburgh, for example:

               • Google

               • Apple

               • Amazon

               • Microsoft

               • Facebook

               • Uber

               • Duolingo

               • 4moms

               • Schell Games

               and more

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